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The Ladder
Test your Company
Our 10-minute online tool tells you whether your company is a Tribal Clan or Sovereign Organization.
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The Bet
Place Your Bet
Considering a strategic bet? Use our tool to determine whether you’re holding a Pair or a Straight Flush.
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The News
Keith McFarland Published in Time
June 2008
Time Magazine's June 2nd edition features an article by Keith McFarland on risk-taking and entrepreneurship.
Sloan Management Review Features Keith McFarland Article
April 2008
"Should you Build Strategy Like You Build Software," by Keith McFarland, is featured in the prestigious Sloan Management Review's Spring 2008 edition.
Keith McFarland Interviewed on First Business
March 2008
Tom Hudson recently intervied Keith McFarland on his nationally syndicated First Business show. Hudson asked Keith about what he learned from the extensive research that went into The Breakthrough Company.
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McFarland Strategy Partners

There are three fundamental ways to impact the trajectory of a company: Better strategy, better people, and better execution. McFarland Strategy Partners has developed the proprietary Rapid Enterprise Development™ (RED™) process to address each of these three factors in a coordinated manner. RED has helped some of the world's leading organizations optimize these three important dimensions of their performance to deliver extraordinary results.

Better Strategy

The centerpiece of RED is an accelerated 48-hour strategy-making process through which companies quickly identify and leverage strategic drivers, and make quick decisions that allow them to produce breakthrough performance. Even more important, RED builds the capacity to rapidly adapt into the firm—making a company more responsive and more capable of immediately seizing opportunities as they emerge.

Better People Management

RED uses state-of-the art tools developed for Olympic teams and elite military units to help individuals and the team align around critical success factors. Our executive assessment helps executives recognize and address performance gaps—and to ensure complete buy-in and commitment throughout the organization.

Better Execution

Our web-based execution management systems make sure that the good ideas generated don't languish somewhere in a three-ring binder (like historical strategic plans). A web-based project tracking system makes sure that even the most complex initiatives are imbued with a bias for action.

View a typical RED engagement

Start learning about the RED process: strategy, alignment, or execution.

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