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Our 10-minute online tool tells you whether your company is a Tribal Clan or Sovereign Organization.
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Considering a strategic bet? Use our tool to determine whether you’re holding a Pair or a Straight Flush.
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The News
Keith McFarland Published in Time
June 2008
Time Magazine's June 2nd edition features an article by Keith McFarland on risk-taking and entrepreneurship.
Sloan Management Review Features Keith McFarland Article
April 2008
"Should you Build Strategy Like You Build Software," by Keith McFarland, is featured in the prestigious Sloan Management Review's Spring 2008 edition.
Keith McFarland Interviewed on First Business
March 2008
Tom Hudson recently intervied Keith McFarland on his nationally syndicated First Business show. Hudson asked Keith about what he learned from the extensive research that went into The Breakthrough Company.
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Articles and Insights from Keith McFarland

In Small Biz, There's No Small Stuff / BusinessWeek / November 21, 2007
When it comes to customer service, take a tip from a good police chief: The small things can be just as important as the high-profile ones.
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Improving Your Team's Learning Curve / BusinessWeek / July 18, 2007
Frequent meetings that focus on successful strategy help team members learn what works, a practice that will improve your company's performance.
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Smells Like Team Spirit / BusinessWeek / May 17, 2006
Weekend retreats and touchy-feely exercises may do more to foster animosity than build teams. Instead, take some lessons from a winning volleyball coach.
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The Psychology of Success / Inc. Magazine / November 2005
Why do some leaders thrive while others struggle? The answers might surprise you.
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A Better Scheme for Strategic Planning / BusinessWeek / January 19, 2005
The lengthy, top-down methods of yesteryear are unsuitable for these volatile times. Here are tips for a nimbler, more creative process.
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Additional Articles from Keith McFarland

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