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Take The Ladder questionnaire below to determine whether your company is a One-Man Band, Tribal Clan, Village Elders or a Sovereign Organization.

Question 1
If the Head of our Company is happy with your work, you will have a successful career here.
Question 2
The Head of our Company recognizes and rewards people who really come through in a pinch.
Question 3
The Head of our Company, either individually or with a small group of trusted individuals, sets strategy for our company.
Question 4
You can get ideas approved and implemented even if the Head of our Company initially disagrees with them.
Question 5
Department Leaders are completely plugged into what is going on in the firm and very influential in major decisions.
Question 6
The Head of our Company usually plays a key role in the decision to promote somebody.
Question 7
When people in our company have a problem with someone in another department, they go to that person and work things out directly.
Question 8
The Head of our Company sets the direction and strategy.
Question 9
The Head of our Company expects the Department Leaders to identify the most important areas for focus in their departments.
Question 10
The people most respected in our organization are those who know how to make our company systematically stronger.
Question 11
The company emphasizes developing and grooming leadership talent.
Question 12
A small group of leaders is responsible for setting the vision and direction of the company.
Question 13
If there is a disagreement between departments in our organization, typically the Head of our Company will step in and resolve the issue.
Question 14
Department goals are as important as company-wide goals.
Question 15 of 27
People in our company are encouraged to question the assumptions upon which our strategy is based.
Question 16 of 27
The best way to solve a problem in our company is to go to one of the few people who can effectively influence our top leader.
Question 17 of 27
People at all levels of our firm have a chance to meaningfully impact our firm's strategy.
Question 18 of 27
Everyone knows that it is important to stay visible and on good terms with the Head of our Company.
Question 19 of 27
The people who get ahead here understand what is important for our company to succeed and find ways to add the most value possible.
Question 20 of 27
People frequently need to do whatever must be done at that moment—regardless of what their job description says.
Question 21 of 27
Executives and managers throughout the organization feel accountable for the company's success, and empowered to make a difference.
Question 22 of 27
Interdepartmental conflict in our organization is resolved by the Department Heads sitting down and working things out.
Question 23 of 27
The Head of our Company comes up with most of the ideas that really make the difference for our company.
Question 24 of 27
People at all levels of our company know where our company is trying to go and how we plan to get there, and are kept up-to-date on any changes to our strategy.
Question 25 of 27
The interests of the company as a whole are put above the interest of any one person, including those in leadership positions.
Question 26 of 27
The head of our company is very knowledgeable about the details and inner-workings of most departments.
Question 27 of 27
Our companies annual sales are:
Question 28 of 27
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